[ndnSIM] About the relay forwarding strategy in wifi

liu hu lh575755734 at gmail.com
Tue Aug 4 21:23:29 PDT 2020

Dear all,

I want to implement wifi relay forwarding in ndnSIM, the following code is
my forwarding strategy implementation. Although relay forwarding is
implemented at present, when I configure
consumerHelper.SetAttribute("Frequency", StringValue("10")); and configure
multiple consumers, I find that the received data packet is far smaller
than the sent interest packet. may I ask if this is normal?

void RelayStrategyBase::afterReceiveInterest(const Face& inFace, const
Interest& interest,
const shared_ptr<pit::Entry>& pitEntry)
/*if (hasPendingOutRecords(*pitEntry)) {
// not a new Interest, don't forward
const fib::Entry& fibEntry = this->lookupFib(*pitEntry);
const fib::NextHopList& nexthops = fibEntry.getNextHops();
for (fib::NextHopList::const_iterator it = nexthops.begin(); it !=
nexthops.end(); ++it) {
Face& outFace = it->getFace();
if (!wouldViolateScope(inFace, interest, outFace)
// &&canForwardToLegacy(*pitEntry, outFace)
) {
this->sendInterest(pitEntry, outFace, interest);

Your help is really appreciated

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