[ndnSIM] Differences between NFD and NFD integrated with ndnSIM

Anantha krishnan saji ananthakrishnan190 at gmail.com
Sun Sep 29 22:34:21 PDT 2019

Hello all,

I am trying to find out the differences between NFD and NFD integrated with
ndnSIM. Looking through the commit history in github, I was able to find
the following differences:

   1. Extend forwarding pipelines with beforeSatisfyInterest and
   beforeExpirePendingInterest signals so that the tracing of the
   SatisfiedInterests and TimedOutInterests events is enabled to the simulator.
   2. Keep both the CS of NFD and ndnSIM.

   Replace NFD logger with NS3 logging facility. All NFD log sources are
   automatically prepended with "nfd." prefix.
   4. Redirecting nfd::scheduler to ns3::Simulator and getting rid of
   global io.
   5. Enable metric parameter on a face.
   6. Disabling all "standard" face types in Face manager. Does this mean
   that I cannot create TcpFace or UdpFace in ndnSIM?

I'm sure I have missed some differences. I would like to know if there are
any resources that details on all the differences between NFD and NFD
integrated with ndnSIM. Are there any functional changes or are there any
features that is in NFD but not in NFD integrated with ndnSIM?

Ananthakrishnan S
NITK, Surathkal, India
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