[ndnSIM] Set Node's lrwpan-face link-type to ndn::nfd::LINK_TYPE_AD_HOC

DJEMAA Adel a_djemaa at esi.dz
Sun Sep 8 02:57:33 PDT 2019

Hello every one,
I'am trying to run ndn Stack over lr-wpan link layer, and i when i try to
get Link Type of a node's face (by invoking face.getLinkType() fonction),
the returned value is "point-to-point", which caused a dysfunction to the
simulation scenario (i couldn't send data on the same incoming face for
My question is how can i change this Link Type value to
"ndn::nfd::LINK_TYPE_AD_HOC", so that the forwarder of the NFD daimon could
run correctely. In instance, this code in the forwarder.cpp file will not
be checked in an ad-hoc scenario:
if (pendingDownstream->getId() == inFace.getId() &&
          *pendingDownstream->getLinkType()* *!=*
*ndn::nfd::LINK_TYPE_AD_HOC)* {
Thanks a lot.
Mr DJAMA Adel.
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