[ndnSIM] NDN-LITE Controller Issue

Zhiyi Zhang Zhiyi.Zhang at ucla.edu
Tue Oct 15 13:40:13 PDT 2019

Hi Rasik,

There could be multiple reasons.
First, if you are using the latest version of NFD on GitHub, then it's
because the pyNDN is out of date. Currently, we are working on a quick fix
of pyNDN to be compatible with the latest version of NFD. A workaround is
to use the 0.6.6 version of NFD/ndn-cxx.
Second, it could also be the network configuration issue. As we discussed
in another email thread, proper configuration for VMs is needed to make
them connected properly.


On Mon, Oct 14, 2019 at 6:53 PM Rasik Manandhar via ndnSIM <
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> I am having an issue with ndn-lite controller. I have already transferred
> the QR-code to the computer where controller is installed. After
> bootstrapping in ndn-lite controller, I am getting "SEC BOOTSTRAPPING sign
> on interest timeout" in device. I would be very grateful to receive a
> solution.
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