[ndnSIM] Question about Name Size

Xinyu Ma bitmxy at gmail.com
Mon Oct 7 02:14:13 PDT 2019

Hello, Ookuma san,

The specification has no limit on Interest's Name field.
But the size of an encoded Interest (and also Data) cannot go over
MAX_NDN_PACKET_SIZE=8800B, which is the maximum size of packet ndn-cxx can

Best regards,
Xinyu Ma.

2019年10月7日(月) 2:00 大熊 浩也 <okuma at stu.kobe-u.ac.jp>:

> Hello all,
> In ndnSIM, how many bytes of file name can be stored in Interest?
> Or is there an application that allows us to set the maximum size
> ourselves?
> Regards,
> Hiroya Okuma
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