[ndnSIM] Custom routing strategy

Sunil Jha suniljha732 at gmail.com
Sun Nov 17 23:11:05 PST 2019

 I want to implement a custom forwarding strategy for NDN networks.
As we know that corresponding to every interface there is a list of
interfaces associated with it.How do we choose the interface depends on the
forwarding strategy.
I want to maintain various timestamps(best, worst ,last packet)
corresponding to each interfaces (this timestamp represents how much time
on that node took to satisfy the requests. As response follows same path as
request i think it is easier to measure timestamps.)
While choosing the next interface i will choose one having least timestamp
and keep on doing so until it starts to get congested (say if it crossed 4
times the worst time recorded then forwarding strategy will choose another
interface ).
And how do we change the link weights for the networks ?(i tried changing
routing metric in topology.txt file but still forwarding strategy followed
same path)

Any help regarding about above strategy will be helpful.(like where can i
record timestamp etc files needed to modify FIB structure for adding
timestamps corresponding to each interfaces etc. )
Thank you all
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