[ndnSIM] How to Change Interest name in m_table on Cs.cpp NFD

mdparamartha95 at students.itb.ac.id mdparamartha95 at students.itb.ac.id
Fri Mar 29 01:46:46 PDT 2019

Hello everyone, 

I'm would like to ask about how to change the interest name or prefix name of iterator in cs.cpp NFD. 

I'm would like to change the content name in it->getName() when emitSignal executed.. 

I'm only want to change the content name, without changing any other metadata of the content. 

I'm trying using setName() function from data.cpp, but it wont working. 

Could someone help me or give some advice about how to change content name in m_table(iterator) in NFD cs.cpp ? 

Thank You 

Best Regards, 
Adi Paramartha 
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