[ndnSIM] Fill Fib

bouchrit leila bouchritleila at gmail.com
Wed Jul 31 18:37:04 PDT 2019

Hi everyone,

I have an architecture composed of a cosumer, a producer and 3 router.
The filling of fib is done through the announces published by the producer.

  * | consumer | <----> | router1|<----> | router2 |<----> | router3 |
<----> | producer |*

 In my strategy the router connected directly to the producer performs a hash
function on the prefix in order to determine in which router it will
register the prefix.
my question how router 3 can register the prefix in router 1's fib.
i can used this instruction to fill fib:
*AddRoute(node,prefix,face, metric)* but i'm confused, i put the face
of router2 or the face of router3 to access to producer.
 some ideas how realized this and I would be very gratefull.

Best regards.
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