[ndnSIM] Populate Fib

bouchrit leila bouchritleila at gmail.com
Thu Jul 25 10:42:35 PDT 2019

hi all,

I want to fill fib with prefixes of interests.
the filling of the fib is not the same in all the nodes but according
to a function of hash which determines which prefix will be put in
such a node.
my question is what should i do fib filling at the producer level? or
in my custom strategy
second question: I used the following instructions for filled fib but
I still receive errors.
Ptr<L3Protocol> ndn = node->GetObject<L3Protocol>();
Ptr<Fib> fib = node ()->GetObject<Fib> ();
shared_ptr<Face> face = ndn->getFaceByNetDevice(netDevice);
Ptr<fib::Entry> fibEntry = fib->Add (m_prefix, face, 0);

Best Regards
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