[ndnSIM] the face of a node

Atif Rehman atif_r at outlook.com
Sun Jul 21 00:52:07 PDT 2019

Hello Bouchrit,

I think you are looking for the following code.

// Following includes are mandatory in order to get node and its faces

#include <ns3/node-list.h>
#include <ns3/node.h>
#include "../../../model/ndn-l3-protocol.hpp"

 // Code
if (ns3::Simulator::GetContext() < 1000) // this check prevents 4535459 value of Context, I am not sure why it returns 4535459
    ns3::Ptr<ns3::Node> node = ns3::NodeList::GetNode(ns3::Simulator::GetContext()); // Get Current node from simulator context
    ns3::Ptr<ns3::ndn::L3Protocol> l3Object = node->GetObject<ns3::ndn::L3Protocol>(); // Getting l3 Object

    std::cout << "Node Id :" << node->GetId() << std::endl;

    // iteratation over face table
    for (auto & face : l3Object->getForwarder()->getFaceTable())

       // here you can play with "face" object (current node face)


I executed the above code in Forwarder class and it was working fine for me.


Muhammad Atif Ur Rehman (Ph.D. Student)
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