[ndnSIM] Help Custom Forwarding

Klaus Schneider klaus at cs.arizona.edu
Mon Jul 15 15:32:07 PDT 2019

Dear Bouchrit,

Maybe if you can post your strategy file and simulation script, people 
will be able to help.

It may also help to enable debug logging 
(https://www.nsnam.org/docs/manual/html/logging.html) and post the output.

Best regards,

On 7/15/19 12:33 AM, bouchrit leila via ndnSIM wrote:
> Hi all,
> Hi, can anyone answer to this question please? I'm still unable to solve it.
> Le dim. 7 juil. 2019 à 12:08, bouchrit leila <bouchritleila at gmail.com 
> <mailto:bouchritleila at gmail.com>> a écrit :
>     Hi all,
>     I tried to implement my new custom strategy, I followed the
>     instructions  mentionned in the  below link:
>     https://github.com/named-data-ndnSIM/NFD/blob/38111cde9bab698f6eaf1a9d430130c2cbb3eca4/daemon/fw/multicast-strategy.cpp#L32-L33
>     It compiled but the problem is always in the execution step, so I
>     think that the question is how to link my strategy in such scenario?
>     I used this instruction
>     "ndn::StrategyChoiceHelper::InstallAll("/prefix",
>     "/localhost/nfd/strategy/HashStrategy");" but  without result.
>     Please, I need your help, would you please send me all details to
>     get the solution?
>     Thank you in advance,
>     Best regards,
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