[ndnSIM] ndnSIM 2.7 released

Alex Afanasyev aa at cs.fiu.edu
Wed Feb 27 08:39:55 PST 2019

We are pleased to announce the release of ndnSIM version 2.7.

The new version includes the updated submodules of NFD and ndn-cxx
(both based on 0.6.5).  The base version of NS-3 simulator has also
been recently upgraded version 3.29 (to upgrade, you may need to
re-clone base NS-3 repository, checkout, or hard reset to ndnSIM-v2.7

For more details about the release, refer to

Source code, updated instruction how to install how to compile ndnSIM
(note that there is a different set of dependencies if you are
planning to use NS-3 visualizer), tutorials, FAQs, and other useful
resources are available on official ndnSIM website:

ndnSIM Team

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