[ndnSIM] Implement new Replacement Policy on NFD

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Hi Junxiao, 

Thank you for the answer, 

the cs-policy is using map container to store the data, 

if I want to use a multiset container, what should I do? 

Since there are some data will have the same value. 

Thank You 

Best Regards, 
Adi Paramartha 

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Hi Adi 

You do not need three queues. Learn how they store auxillary information in m_entryInfoMap member. That's all. 

Yours, Junxiao 

On Mon, Feb 25, 2019, 04:27 < mdparamartha95 at students.itb.ac.id > wrote: 

Hi Junxiao, 

I had read the priority-fifo policy in NFD, theres 3 types of Queue. 

I'm little bit confuse, how to determine queue size of each types ? 

As detailed in this code 

PriorityFifoPolicy::moveToStaleQueue(iterator i) 
BOOST_ASSERT(m_entryInfoMap.find(i) != m_entryInfoMap.end()); 

EntryInfo* entryInfo = m_entryInfoMap[i]; 
BOOST_ASSERT(entryInfo->queueType == QUEUE_FIFO); 


entryInfo->queueType = QUEUE_STALE; 
Queue& queue = m_queues[QUEUE_STALE]; 
entryInfo->queueIt = queue.insert(queue.end(), i); 
m_entryInfoMap[i] = entryInfo; 

I had looked in nfd/file, but i could not find where to set the queue size of each types.. 

Could you give me some suggestion about how to done that ? Thanks 

Best Regards, 
Adi Paramartha 

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