[ndnSIM] Implement new Replacement Policy on NFD

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thank you for quick respond and explanation, I will try to look at the code that you refer before, and implement it. 

If you don't mind, maybe I will ask more often later on. 

Best Regards, 
Adi Paramartha 

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CS contains Data, not Interest. 

To associate auxiliary information with each entry, you can make a std::map with cs::iterator as key type and your “value” as mapped type. 
Example: priority-fifo policy’s EntryInfoMapFifo struct. 

Yours, Junxiao 

On Sun, Feb 24, 2019 at 05:50 < mdparamartha95 at students.itb.ac.id > wrote: 

Hello everybody, 

Currently, I'm doing research to implement a new replacement policy in NdnSim, 

I'm trying to modify the cs-policy-lru.cpp and .hpp as well. 

But I little bit confused about the C language that NFD used, 

in LRU(cs-policy-lru.cpp) the policy only move the referenced interest to the end, 

How can I add value for each interest? Like implementing an LFU replacement policy where each interest has its own frequency. 

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