[ndnSIM] Identify consumer connected nodes

Samar Alduayji samarduayji at gmail.com
Fri Feb 15 04:03:00 PST 2019

Dear Developers,

I need to implement a caching policy where I will cache the data in each
node ( within the routing path ), if this node is directly connected to a

There is a code in the following link

that cache the data near the requesting consumer, however, I need to cache
it at any node (within the routing path) that is directly connected to any
consumer. Is there any part of the node structure that can help me doing

Another question regarding the content-type within the data metadata
information(in the tlv file ).
I need to classify my data into two classes. Can I use (edit) the
content-type to adde these new two types? Or I need to modify the fields
and data class to add a new field there?

I appreciate your reply.

Kind regards
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