[ndnSIM] adding a new field to data packet.

Samar Alduayji samarduayji at gmail.com
Tue Dec 31 23:46:44 PST 2019

Dear all,

I'm trying to add a new field( type is uint32_t) to data packet so the
producer can set this field while creating the packet. I modified tlv,
tags, and fields header files to include a new tag for it. I also edited
generic-link-service.cpp file

I declared the field in the producer.hpp file and in the producer.cpp file
I added the field using .addAttribute(....), and tried to set it using
but I got an errors while compiling the OnInterest method:
1-that this new field was not declared in this scope.
2- the value is not usable in a constant expression and was not declared
3- no matching function for call to make_shared(uint32_t)

Does the setTag is not applicable to be used here? Should I write specific
set and get function in the data.cpp file? what other modifications shall I
add to be able to set this field and use it?

Your help is really appreciated

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