[ndnSIM] Can I create multiple PIT entries for one Interest?

大熊 浩也 okuma at stu.kobe-u.ac.jp
Thu Dec 12 22:38:06 PST 2019

Dear Lixia Zhang, Spyridon Mastorakis

Thank you for your reply.
Also sorry for my late reply.

I am researching how to apply NDN to encoded communication using cache 

Specifically, the user requests the desired file and an encoded file 
that can decode the desired file using its own cache at the same time, 
and increases the candidates for the requested file.
The above method aims to reduce the number of Interest hops.

For example, when a user who desires the file “A” caches the file “B”, 
the user requests the file “A+B” together with the file “A”. Even if the 
user receives the file "A+B", the desired file "A" can be obtained by 
XORing the received file "A+B" and the user's cache file "B".

What I am trying to implement in the ndnSIM Forwarder class is a node 
that has received an Interest that contains a single name 
"/prefix/A/%FE%00/prefix/A+B/%FE%00" configure a PIT entry for each 
requested file. (In the above example, I would like to create PIT 
entries in two Interests: "/prefix/A/%FE%00" and "/prefix/A+B/%FE%00")

In ndnSIM, in the onIncomingInterest method of Forwarder.cpp, I got the 
requested file name, and then modified it to repeat the process of 
configuring the PIT entry by setting the file name to Interest for the 
number of requested files. I wanted to try.
However, in the onIncomingInterest method, the variable indicating 
interest is const, so I am worried that I cannot set the divided file name.

I am looking forward to your guidance and support.

Best Wishes,

Hiroya Okuma

On 2019/12/11 5:56, Lixia Zhang wrote:
> Dear Hiroya Okuma,
> could you please explain what is the research question that you are looking into?
> If we know the problem you try to solve, then we can work out a good solution.
> Using a single interest to fetch multiple packets can potentially lead to a number of negative impacts (that I am not sure whether you are aware of)
> Lixia
>> On Dec 10, 2019, at 5:36 AM, 大熊 浩也 <okuma at stu.kobe-u.ac.jp> wrote:
>> Hello Everyone,
>> I am thinking of fulfilling multiple file requests with one Interest transmission.
>> (I know that it is different from the original idea of NDN.)
>> For example, a node that receives an Interest that stores a name such as "/prefix/file_A/%FE%01/prefix/file_B/%FE%01" needs to create two PIT entries, but I don't know how to fix the forwarder class.
>> In particular, the setName function of the Interest class cannot be used because the interest variable of the onIncomingInterest function is const.
>> I am looking forward to your guidance and support.
>> Best Wishes,
>> Hiroya Okuma
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