[ndnSIM] Errors in running the scenario of ndnSIM-ddos-interest-flooding

Ming mingdeyou at 126.com
Wed May 9 21:03:08 PDT 2018

I succeeded in your method. Thanks for your help,John!

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在2018年05月07日 16:07,John Baugh 写道:

The ndnSIM documentation says the Boost Libraries must be >= 1.54:

Try upgrading libboost and recompiling ndnSIM and see if that helps.



On Mon, May 7, 2018 at 3:38 AM, Ming <mingdeyou at 126.com> wrote:

Hello everyone,
There is a very urgent need for everyone to help!!!!
I want to run the following scenario: https://github.com/iyonr/ndn-ddos-ifa  .When I input "./waf --run interest-ddos-attack-and-mitigation-scenario" ,it gave me an errors as follow:

/usr/include/boost/intrusive/hashtable.hpp:227:65: error: ‘boost::intrusive::detail::bucket_traits_impl<boost::intrusive::detail::get_slist_impl<boost::intrusive::slist_node_traits<void*> >::type>::bucket_traits_impl(const boost::intrusive::detail::bucket_traits_impl<boost::intrusive::detail::get_slist_impl<boost::intrusive::slist_node_traits<void*> >::type>&)’does not have a matching function.

The environment I use is ubuntu12.04-32bit and libboost1.48


Can anyone give a solution for that?

Thanks in advance!


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