[ndnSIM] What is the maximum size of a Data packet ?

Junxiao Shi shijunxiao at email.arizona.edu
Fri Mar 23 21:30:12 PDT 2018

Hi Adrien

> Is there a specific reason that the NDN community choose 8800 octets as
> the maximum size in the code and not 1500 or 65535 for example ?

This question has been asked four times on NDN/CCNx mailing lists. Please
read the archives.
I’ve put this into NFD wiki “user knowledge” just now.

Then I have a question about how NDN communicates with upper and lower
> layers.
> For the lower layer, there is a need to fragment and reassemble the NDN
> packet hop-by-hop and NDNLP has been defined for that.
> But for the upper layer, how does the application know the maximum size
> of the NDN packet ?

The library tells the application what’s the size limit including all
ndn::MAX_NDN_PACKET_SIZE in ndn-cxx.

Is there a layer between NDN and the application that is in charge to
> cut into NDN chunk the application data ?

Yes, the transport layer does that.

Yours, Junxiao
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