[ndnSIM] How to calculate the Traffic volume

Sonia Sabir (MS Student) soniasabir at ciit.net.pk
Mon Mar 19 21:29:28 PDT 2018

Thank you Spyros,
I checked the L3 trace files to find the exact interest and data packet 
length including the headers and I found it to be 24 bytes for interest and 
8749 bytes for Data packet. 
In this way, the total interest traffic was approx 0.183 Mbps and Data 
traffic was 66.74Mbps
The total traffic volume could be approximately 66.92Mbps. 
Is there anything else that can be included? Thanks

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long story short, no.

You should consider the packet header and the Interest traffic as well.


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On Mar 18, 2018, at 9:35 PM, Sonia Sabir (MS Student) 
<soniasabir at ciit.net.pk> wrote:

I have one consumer sending 1000 interests per seconds to a single producer. 
Producer reply with a data packet having 8700 bytes of data payload for each 
Traffic volume = 8700 * 1000 = 8,700,000 bytes = 66.37Mbps

Is this the correct way to calculate the traffic volume? 
PS: I am not considering any interest or data packet losses.

Thank You
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