[ndnSIM] Help with Retransmission Timeout (RTO) / Scheduling of requests

Adhy Satya adhysatya820 at gmail.com
Thu Jun 14 12:15:09 PDT 2018

Hi all,

With my custom fw-strategy working, I'm now working on my application,
which uses directional antennas to send an Interest request to one node and
if that Interest times out, it turns the antenna and sends it to another
I'm observing some weird behavior and with the RTO. I'm using
Config::SetDefault ("ns3::ndn::RttEstimator::MaxRTO", TimeValue (Seconds
to set the MaxRTO.

I'm using ndnSIM 2.5 and ConsumerCbr.

Test #1
1 Consumer, 1 Interest/s, requesting 10 Contents, MaxRTO is set to 4s,
simulation duration 600 seconds.
Result: consumer only fetches 7 contents (last content is fetched at 14

Test #2
Same as before, but removed MaxRTO limit.
Result: Consumer only fetches 3 contents and RTO is 64 s.

I understand that the RTO doubles every time an Interest is sent and a data
packet doesn't come back (i.e., doubles every time it expires).
So setting the MaxRTO to a low value in this case would prevent the
consumer from scheduling packets for a distant time in the future, right?

What am I missing here?

Thank you again!
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