[ndnSIM] Get node id in forwarding strategy

Adhy Satya adhysatya820 at gmail.com
Wed Jun 13 17:33:29 PDT 2018


I wrote a custom fw-strategy where I get the node ID like so:

BroadcastStrategy::afterReceiveInterest(const Face& inFace, const Interest&
interest,const shared_ptr<pit::Entry>& pitEntry)
  const fib::Entry& fibEntry = this->lookupFib(*pitEntry);
  const fib::NextHopList& nexthops = fibEntry.getNextHops();

  ns3::Ptr<ns3::Node> node =
  ns3::Ptr<ns3::NetDevice> netDevice;
  ns3::Ptr<ns3::ndn::L3Protocol> ndnl3;
  ndnl3 = node->GetObject<ns3::ndn::L3Protocol>();

The issue is that I'm getting the exact same error as this post from Oct
There are several other posts with the same issue, some want to get the
node id in the lru-cache, etc. However, all these posts seem to be
scheduling an event, then getting with Simulator::GetContext().

I can't apply the solution from this posts in my case, since I don't call
Simulator::ScheduleWithContext(). I just want to get the id of the node
that is processing the Interest.

Is there another option to this?

I'm using ndnSIM 2.5

Thank you!
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