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please take a look at how the rest of the NDN applications have been implemented.


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> On Jul 27, 2018, at 3:15 AM, EL-BAKKOUCHI Asmaa <aelbakkouchi at gmail.com> wrote:
> what you mean by " Your own consumer application(.hpp and .cpp) should inherits ndn-consumer" what need i to add ? 
> 2018-07-27 11:09 GMT+01:00 EL-BAKKOUCHI Asmaa <aelbakkouchi at gmail.com <mailto:aelbakkouchi at gmail.com>>:
> Thanks for your answer
> 2018-07-27 11:03 GMT+01:00 书忆江南 <375446972 at qq.com <mailto:375446972 at qq.com>>:
> Hi
> Your assumption is right, your own consumer is written in the /apps directory. Your own consumer application(.hpp and .cpp) should inherits ndn-consumer. The inherit relationship can be referred in ndn-consumer.hpp or .cpp, and in API documentation.
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> Subject: [ndnSIM] my own scenario
> Hi All,
> I'm new in ndnSIM.
> I want to write my own consumer and producer apps. I am not sure if that's the correct place (src/ndnSIM/apps) to write custom applications though or (src/ndnSIM/examples/ndn-custom-apps).
> Regards.
> Asmaa
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