[ndnSIM] SINR packet tag in ndnSIM 2.5

Thiago Teixeira tteixeira at umass.edu
Mon Jul 23 14:52:25 PDT 2018

Hi all,

We added a SINR packet tag in the src/wifi/model/wifi-phy.cc<https://github.com/named-data-ndnSIM/ns-3-dev/blob/ndnSIM-v2.5/src/wifi/model/wifi-phy.cc#L2541> EndReceive() method using the following snippet:
  SnrTag tag;
  tag.Set(signalNoise.signal - signalNoise.noise);
  if (! packet->PeekPacketTag (tag)){
     packet->AddPacketTag (tag);

The implementation of the SINR packet tag is available at src/wifi/model/snr-tag.cc<https://github.com/named-data-ndnSIM/ns-3-dev/blob/ndnSIM-v2.5/src/wifi/model/snr-tag.cc>.

We would like to get the value of the tag in the forwarding strategy. Before ndnSIM 2.3, we could just use something like this:
  SnrTag tag;
  Ptr<Packet> payload = ConstCast<Packet>(interest->GetPayload());
  payload->PeekPacketTag (tag);

but in ndnSIM 2.5 we could not find an equivalent method. I think we need to convert the SINR tag to type ns3::ndn::ns3PacketTag, is that correct?

Can you assist please?


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