[ndnSIM] Where is Interface working status(Coloring Scheme) used in forwarding strategies?

Klaus Schneider klaus at cs.arizona.edu
Sun Jul 22 14:41:39 PDT 2018

Hey Akshay,

As far as I know the Green/Yellow/Red coloring scheme is not currently 
implemented in NFD/ndnSIM 2.X

There is some older code from ndnSIM 1, which implements this strategy:

- http://ndnsim.net/1.0/fw.html
- http://ndnsim.net/1.0/doxygen/green-yellow-red_8h_source.html
- http://ndnsim.net/1.0/doxygen/green-yellow-red_8cc_source.html

It should be pretty easy to port by using nfd::face::FaceState or 
creating your own state variable in nfd::face::Face.

Also please note that there are some problems with the Coloring 
Strategy, namely that a single packet loss/NACK can change the face to 
yellow and thus semi-permanently disable it from forwarding. You can 
modify the strategy to reset to "GREEN" on successful Data packets, but 
this can cause a lot of unnecessary switching.

I've written about the specifics of this problem in "How to Establish 
Loop-Free Multipath Routes in Named Data Networking" 
Section V.

Best regards,

On 22/07/18 10:10, Akshay Kumar wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> In ndnSim, I am not able to find which attribute of the face is used to 
> represent it's working status(Coloring Scheme: Green, Yellow, Red). I am 
> trying to use this for a forwarding strategy, can anyone please suggest 
> where can I find a code implementation of the attribute in any strategies?
> Thank you.
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