[ndnSIM] data pkt identified

george assaf engdotgeorge at gmail.com
Mon Aug 13 12:43:41 PDT 2018

Dear Forks,
this is a piece of code for data pkt entry insertion in Cache
Store(cs).which checks for insertion a new entry or not  .if it exists ,
then the entry will refresh  Stale Time of entry and if it is not, it will
be inserted normally according to replacement policy .
Actually I need to extract  an ID for data packet that will be newly
inserted or refreshed .How can I get to my goal??
bool isNewEntry = false;
  iterator it;

  std::tie(it, isNewEntry) =
m_table.insert(EntryImpl(data.shared_from_this(), isUnsolicited));
  EntryImpl& entry = const_cast<EntryImpl&>(*it);


  if (!isNewEntry) { // existing entry
    // XXX This doesn't forbid unsolicited Data from refreshing a solicited
    if (entry.isUnsolicited() && !isUnsolicited) {

  else {
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