[ndnSIM] Fw: Multiple consumers require same one interest

sobia Mirza sobia.mirza88 at yahoo.com
Sun Apr 1 13:40:14 PDT 2018

   They both give different results..thats why im asking which one is correct to use?

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  On Sun, 1 Apr, 2018 at 22:37, Xinyu Ma<bitmxy at gmail.com> wrote:   Hello, Sobia Mirza

I think both is okay. You can use the first one for short.
SetPrefix and SetAttribute only set the parameters what the factory to use to create the application. They are not set to applications.
There are no application's instances created before Install is called.

May it helps,
Xinyu Ma.

2018-04-01 18:09 GMT+09:00 sobia Mirza <sobia.mirza88 at yahoo.com>:

Hi I need to compile a scenario when multiple consumers need same one interest through  SetPrefix("...").Which followimg way is the best way to organize texts? 1 or 2?
1.ConsumerHelper.SetPrefix("..." );ConsumerHelper.SetAttribute(.. ..);ConsumerHelper.Install(nodes. Get(0));ConsumerHelper.Install(nodes. Get(1));ConsumerHelper.Install(nodes. Get(2));ConsumerHelper.Install(nodes. Get(3));....//for node 4
2.ConsumerHelper.SetPrefix("..." );ConsumerHelper.SetAttribute(.. ..);ConsumerHelper.Install(nodes. Get(0));
ConsumerHelper.SetPrefix("..." );ConsumerHelper.SetAttribute(.. ..);ConsumerHelper.Install(nodes. Get(1));
ConsumerHelper.SetPrefix("..." );ConsumerHelper.SetAttribute(.. ..);ConsumerHelper.Install(nodes. Get(2));

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