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the best way would be to focus on the code directly. We have integrated 4 large software projects (i.e., NS-3, ndnSIM itself, NFD and ndn-cxx), so the best way to understand what is going on is to break the simulator and try to make it work again.

Personally, I mostly use C++, but Python is also an option for high-level simulation scenario coding. Internally, the language is C++.

To understand the design of the simulator our recently published paper can be useful (specifically section 3 and figures 5 and 6):



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> On Oct 18, 2017, at 10:10 AM, george assaf <engdotgeorge at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I would like to ask about the standard steps of understanding NDNSim code in order to be able to modify (Packets formats, the way in which nodes can communicate, timers, caching algorithms and routing ones).Additionally, I want to know about the main programming language ,is it C++ or Python?
> Please ,if you could indicate me to the way of understanding NDNsim code.
> Thank you . 

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