[ndnSIM] Callback cacheHit/Miss from NFD

John Baugh jpbaugh at umich.edu
Sun Nov 19 21:49:19 PST 2017


My own experience has been that I needed to add code to the
onContentStoreHit and onContentStoreMiss member functions (methods) of the
Forwarder class that's in NFD/daemon/fw directory (

After doing so, you need to go to the ns3 directory and ./waf and then sudo
./waf install so that ndnSIM itself is rebuilt.  Then, you can build your
scenarios using the ./waf for the scenarios for ndnSIM.

Not ideal, but after months of trying other things and asking dozens of
questions, reading hundreds of articles - this appears to be the best way
to do any type of custom hit/miss tracing for the NFD.

Hope this helps!


On Mon, Nov 20, 2017 at 12:18 AM, Renato Cavalcante <renato.frca at gmail.com>

> Hi everyone.
> How to use the callback cache hit/miss from Cs class from NFD?
> The CsTracer just works with ContentStore from ndnSIM.
> Thank you advance.
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> Renato Araújo
> Computer Science Department
> UFBA -- Brazil
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