[ndnSIM] Why a cxx application cannot be started at 0 second in ndn-Sim?

Xinyu Ma bitmxy at gmail.com
Tue Nov 14 08:34:03 PST 2017

Hello, everyone

I tried to start a cxx application in a node just like ndn-cxx-simple.cpp
does. I have noticed that I must set the start time to a value greater than
zero, or the function setInterestFilter will fail for "TimeOut". But
ndn.Producer can register the prefix as soon as possible (when it starts at
0 second). And I found that when I use scheduleEvent to setup an event for
setInterestFilter, it will succeed no matter if the start time is 0 or not.
In order to add an entry to FIB, I think, the interest packet containing
command must arrive at the internal face. They use different ways to do it:
The ndn.Producer directly injects a AddNextHop command of FIB into the
internal face; However, the cxx application tries to send a RegisterRoute
command of RIB by the application face. I guess this makes the difference.
But I still don't know why the cxx way doesn't work at 0 second.
Could anyone give me some hint, please?

Xinyu Ma.
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