[ndnSIM] ndnSIM car 2 car source code

Spyridon (Spyros) Mastorakis mastorakis at cs.ucla.edu
Wed May 31 20:46:03 PDT 2017


this scenario is not compatible with ndnSIM anymore. Probably you will find this more useful (we tried to mimic this scenario during the last NDN hackathon, however, we did not get to finish the implementation):



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> On May 30, 2017, at 10:26 AM, Marzieh Babaeianjelodar <babaeim at clarkson.edu> wrote:
> Dear All,
> I was trying to use the car to car scenario for ndnSIM but I faced some issues:
> https://github.com/cawka/ndnSIM-nom-rapid-car2car <https://github.com/cawka/ndnSIM-nom-rapid-car2car>
> my issue was that when I compiled the car-relay.cc <http://car-relay.cc/> source code it asked me for the header files. while i have those files I don't know where to put them in the ns3 directory tree.
> Where should I put the headers to have them work properly?
> Best Regards,
> Marzieh

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