[ndnSIM] How do I obtain information on ALL incoming Interests?

John Baugh jpbaugh at umich.edu
Sat May 13 21:14:37 PDT 2017

ndnSIM friends,

After multiple false starts, I began to see some progress (or so I thought)
by creating a custom Strategy class and overriding afterReceiveInterest( )
in order to obtain data about Interests.  However, due to confusing
documentation on the ndnSIM site, and clarifying with the NFD developer's
guide and the ndnSIM community, I find myself in yet another bad situation.

I've explored the Forwarder class, as onIncomingInterest seemed to be a
promising method.  But it looks like this is *private and therefore cannot
be overriden*??

Does anyone have any idea how I would obtain (for storage and use) the
information about *ALL *incoming Interests entering a node?


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