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Actually,i do not focus my research on Vehicular Named Data Networks.I used this example to explain the importance about  the push schemes.
Besides this instance, i think it is really necessary to consider the solution about pushing data if we hope that the ICN would be widely used in our lives.

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  Thanks for your answer reply.
  It does break the principles of the NDN.But,push-based forwarding is really necessary in some scene.For example .in Vehicular Named Data Networks,we assume that a car has an accident and it should broadcast this message as soon as possible and it is necessary to avoid the latency of the request's transmission.

It seem important to propagate the information ASAP, but only to those cars (their drivers) that care about the traffic info surrounding the location of the accident, right?  Not to others who take totally different paths.

I would imagine that those cars who care about the info would have sent a request.

  Now,there are some schemes have been proposed and some papers about these without any codes.So,i am doubt how to start my work.

dont know which papers you looked, one way is to send inquiries to the authors of those papers you read
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