[ndnSIM] Creating a list of interest packets

Rahaf.Mousa at os3.nl Rahaf.Mousa at os3.nl
Sun Jun 25 13:24:51 PDT 2017

Thank you John.
I tried editing the ConsumerWindow and add an array with different values
for the payload size but apparently the payload size is set at the start
of the simulation and not checked throughout the experiment. How can I
check it every time a new interest is scheduled?
Another question, is it possible to use AddAttribute to allow passing an
array? The reason for that is that I want to be able to specify the sizes
of the objects requested with SetAttribute and then iterate through the
array to change the payload size. Does that seem like the right way for
achieving my goal? and can someone give me some hints on how to do it?



> Rahaf,
> Take a look at the Consumer class and its subclasses.  You might consider
> subclassing one of them and overriding the ScheduleNextPacket method and
> record your information here.
> Thanks
> John
> On Jun 24, 2017 7:16 PM, <Rahaf.Mousa at os3.nl> wrote:
>> Hello,
>> Can someone tell me if it is possible to create a list of interest
>> packets
>> on the consumer side and arrange them based on payload size before
>> sending?
>> If yes, then are there any examples that might help me do so? or can I
>> get
>> a hint on where should I make the changes?
>> I'm also not sure if I got the PayloadSize and Size attributes in the
>> ConsumerWindow application right. Does the size of the payload requested
>> stay the same or is it randomly changed in a way that the average of the
>> requested payloads equals to PayloadSize? and is the PayloadSize in
>> bytes?
>> Is the Size the amount of MBs that is requested and after that no more
>> interest packets are sent?
>> Regards,
>> Rahaf
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