[ndnSIM] Creating Custom Strategy that keeps state.

Olumide Akinwande jolumideakinwande at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 23 14:43:45 PDT 2017

Hi ndnSim friends,
I am trying to create a custom strategy that keeps state and I need some help.
Going through the access-strategy in the ndnSim package, I'm a bit confused about how some of the data structures declared in the access-strategy.hpp are initialized.
For example an unordered_map is defined called "m_fit" that maps FaceId to FaceInfo (class defined in the .hpp file) but in the access-strategy.cpp file, only access actions are performed on "m_fit" (which is performed twice). 
I'm confused on how this map was initialised or its values set. 
I think understanding the process is important for my programming and I will be glad for any help.
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