[ndnSIM] The prefix in the CS

Junxiao Shi shijunxiao at email.arizona.edu
Mon Jun 12 04:56:51 PDT 2017

Hi John

2.  The content store still seems to be caching them as separate content
> items!  Even if there are say, 20 different requests for /prefix/%FE%01?...
>  they are each apparently cached separately.
How do you know that? If you have logs, paste a snippet of relevant logs.
Short logs (less than 200 lines) should be pasted on email body. Long logs
should be uploaded to Gist or PasteBin. Do not send logs as attachments.
See also http://www.lists.cs.ucla.edu/pipermail/nfd-dev/2016-May/001748.html

> *4.  Is ensuring duplicates aren't cached something that the Policy must
> take care of?  (immediately evict an entry with the same /prefix/seqNumber
> and/or /prefix/suffix ??*
No. Assuming there is only one producer creating the requested Data,
subsequent Interests for the same Data should match the existing CS entry
and should not be forwarded again.
If you are sending multiple Interests with the same name from multiple
consumers located in sparse locations, and there are multiple producers, it
is possible that each producer can generate a different Data, and those
Data could be cached separately. Remember that the Data name ends with an
implicit digest, and signing the same name+payload multiple times will
generate different signatures and thus different implicit digests, even if
those producers are using the same signing key.

Yours, Junxiao
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