[ndnSIM] Feedback Request on "Best Practices on Using ndnSIM"

Spyridon (Spyros) Mastorakis mastorakis at CS.UCLA.EDU
Fri Jan 27 12:59:41 PST 2017

Hi guys,

a couple weeks ago, we extended the current documentation available on the ndnSIM website with a page including a number of best practices on using ndnSIM:


I feel that this piece of documentation will be very useful for new users to ramp up with ndnSIM and understand how to use it properly. I would like to ask you to take a few minutes and review this page and let us know your comments/suggestions on how to extend and improve it.

Your time and feedback will be highly appreciated!

On behalf of the ndnSIM team,
Spyros Mastorakis

Spyridon (Spyros) Mastorakis
Personal Website: http://cs.ucla.edu/~mastorakis/ <http://cs.ucla.edu/~mastorakis/>
Internet Research Laboratory
Computer Science Department

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