[ndnSIM] Simulation time vs real time

John Baugh jpbaugh at umich.edu
Sun Dec 3 00:06:37 PST 2017

Greetings ndnSIM friends,

I have a situation I'm a little confused about.  I might be a little naive
about the simulations, but I have a simulation set to Stop(60.0) - so 60
seconds, correct?

I have about 20 nodes total (1 router, 1 producer, 18 nodes connected to
the router.)  The content store size on the router is 10,000 and the
universe of contents (NumberOfContents) is set to 1,000,000.

This simulation started about 2 hours ago and is still running.  Is this
normal?  It seems a bit extreme, especially to simulate 60 seconds...


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