[ndnSIM] problem with an underwater node while running the NDN layer!

Narges Mehran narges.mehran at gmail.com
Wed Aug 2 14:03:11 PDT 2017

Hello Junxiao,

Thanks for your response.
Please consider the following code:

UanHelper uan;
uan.SetMac ("ns3::UanMacCw", "CW", UintegerValue (m_cwMin), "SlotTime",
TimeValue (m_slotTime));
NodeContainer uanNodes = NodeContainer ();
uanNodes.Create (2);

Ptr<UanPropModelIdeal> prop = CreateObjectWithAttributes<UanPropModelIdeal>
//The functions for installing the UAN layer on nodes.//

    ns3::ndn::StackHelper ndnHelper;

    ndnHelper.SetForwardingStrategy ("ns3::ndn::fw::Flooding");
    //////ndnHelper.SetForwardingStrategy ("ns3::ndn::fw::BestRoute");
    ndnHelper.SetPit ("ns3::ndn::pit::Lru","MaxSize","1000");
    ndnHelper.SetContentStore ("ns3::ndn::cs::Nocache");
    ndnHelper.InstallAll ();

    // Installing global routing interface on all nodes
    ns3::ndn::GlobalRoutingHelper ndnGlobalRoutingHelper;
    ndnGlobalRoutingHelper.InstallAll ();

    ns3::ndn::AppHelper producerHelper ("ns3::ndn::Producer");

    std::string prefix = "/Area";
    producerHelper.SetAttribute("PayloadSize", StringValue("1024"));
    ndnGlobalRoutingHelper.AddOrigins (prefix, source);
    producerHelper.SetPrefix (prefix);
    ApplicationContainer producer = producerHelper.Install(source);

     ns3::ndn::AppHelper consumerHelper1

     // frequency with which Interests are generated
     consumerHelper1.SetAttribute("Frequency", StringValue("10"));
     consumerHelper1.SetPrefix (prefix);
     std::string NumofContent = "10";
     consumerHelper1.SetAttribute ("MaxSeq",StringValue("10"));
     consumerHelper1.SetAttribute ("q", StringValue ("0"));
     consumerHelper1.SetAttribute ("s", StringValue ("1"));

     //Number of different content (sequence numbers) that will be
requested by the applications
     consumerHelper1.SetAttribute ("NumberOfContents", StringValue
(NumofContent)); // NumofContent different content file

    // install consumer app on consumer node c_i to request data from
producer p_i //


    ApplicationContainer consumer = consumerHelper1.Install (sink);
    consumer.Start (Seconds (0.5));
    producer.Start (Seconds (0.5));


    // Calculate and install FIBs
    ndnGlobalRoutingHelper.CalculateRoutes ();

    ns3::ndn::AppDelayTracer::InstallAll ("app-delays-trace-UAWSN.txt");
    ns3::ndn::L3RateTracer::Install(sink,"rate-trace-sink.txt", Seconds
    ns3::ndn::L3RateTracer::Install(source,"rate-trace-source.txt", Seconds

Actually I have tested them with the help of functions in UAN library and
ndnSIM libraries of NS-3. For example, L3RateTracer shows no number of
InInterest to the source node and AppDelayTracer's file is empty. Also, I
checked another trace named "EnableAsciiAll" in UAN library; It checks the
number of "RxOk" and "Tx" and nothing is depicted neither for "RxOk" nor
for "Tx".


On Wed, Aug 2, 2017 at 5:27 AM, Junxiao Shi <shijunxiao at email.arizona.edu>

> Hi Narges
> Read about how to report a problem effectively:
> http://www.lists.cs.ucla.edu/pipermail/nfd-dev/2016-May/001748.html
> But by adding the NDN layer,
> Can you provide a link to the code?
>> It seems that no request is coming out of the Sink-Node and no
>> "UanChannel" and "NetDevice" are registered.
> What leads you to conclude that "no request is coming out of the
> Sink-Node"?
> Yours, Junxiao
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