[ndnSIM] Got an error when compile the files in ndnSIM

Alex Afanasyev aa at cs.ucla.edu
Thu Apr 27 10:21:46 PDT 2017

This error suggest that you have an issue with the compiler.  GCC is known to segfault if you have limited amount of RAM.  Try to increase it (if you're in VM) or compile on a different machine with more available memory.


> On Apr 27, 2017, at 9:41 AM, Ru Jia <rujia721 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Dear professors,
> I am just install ndnSIM, and try to modify some files to do my simulations.
> However, after I added configure files written by myself in the /ns-3/src/ndnSIM/model/cs and /ns-3/src/ndnSIM/model/cs/custom-policies, there was a compile error said:
> "Waf: Entering directory `/home/ru/Desktop/ndnSIM/ns-3/build'
> [2873/2956] Linking build/libns3-dev-ndnSIM-debug.so
> collect2: fatal error: ld terminated with signal 9 [Killed]
> compilation terminated.
> Waf: Leaving directory `/home/ru/Desktop/ndnSIM/ns-3/build'
> Build failed"
> I thought it was caused by my files, so I deleted those files, and tried to run the tutorial examples, but still, I got the error. It's like the ndnSIM could not work an more because the file build/libns3-dev-ndnSIM-debug.so was empty.
> Then, I reinstalled the ndnSIM and found another way is to modify the file
>  ns-3/src/ndnSIM/NFD/daemon/fw/forwarder.cpp to achieve my goal. However, the same situation happened again.
> Now, I couldn't do any modify if I want the simulation build successfully. I want to know if I try to modify the cache strategy, am I doing it in the right ways? I want the router cache the content only if the content was requested more than a certain times.
> I  am really appreciate your help!
> Kind regards,
> Ru Jia
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