[ndnSIM] SIGSEGV when simply assigning one smart pointer to another?

Junxiao Shi shijunxiao at email.arizona.edu
Sun Apr 16 20:55:47 PDT 2017

Hi John

ndnSIM creates multiple NFD instances in the same address space.
As a result, any global variable (including static members) you use will be
shared across all network nodes. If this isn't the intention, the
implementation is wrong.

Also, as stated in NFD developer guide, the Strategy instance is stateless,
while all states needed by strategy should be stored in tables. If you find
more instances of your strategy than the number of nodes, this is the
AsfStrategy is a good example on how to implement a complex strategy with
multiple components, while still keeping all states in tables.

Yours, Junxiao

On Sat, Apr 15, 2017 at 22:49 John Baugh <jpbaugh at umich.edu> wrote:

> Greetings all,
> I *think* I may have solved the problem (I will need more testing.)
> I noticed that my PStrat ctor is called multiple times, so obviously any
> of the instance variables used by PStrat objects will be at different
> memory locations.  I think Junxiao's suggestion that the program was trying
> to destroy the object multiple times might have been accurate.
> I made the shared_ptr to the PopularityManager object *static *so that
> all instances will share the same object.  The program does not appear to
> crash now.
> I will do further testing, but I think this may have solved the issue.  It
> is still quite bizarre.
> Thanks,
> John
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