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Muhammad Hosain Abdollahi Sabet mhasabet at gmail.com
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Hi Boubakr,

If you want to have it as a part of NDN and not just in simulation, you may
put your table definition and needed codes in NFD/daemon/table, then
register and initialize it at the time nfd starts. You may want to modify
StackHelper if you need. Then you may use your table in pipelines or
strategies(NFD/daemon/fw) or wherever you need. It's good to take a look ad NFD
Developer Guide
It will give you some clues. For more details you may refer to wiki.


On Fri, Apr 7, 2017 at 11:37 AM, Boubakr NOUR <n.boubakr at bit.edu.cn> wrote:

> Hello,
> How can we define new table in ndnSIM-NFD, on each NDN node.
> For example, define a another version of FIB , and how use it in a
> scenario.
> Best regards,
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