[ndnSIM] ndnSIM didn't receive packet

Spyridon (Spyros) Mastorakis mastorakis at CS.UCLA.EDU
Mon May 23 17:36:17 PDT 2016


I will try to guess what might be going on. Such a thing can happen if you have a node with multiple faces and the consumer application running on the first face sends an Interest that can be satisfied by the producer application running on the other face. Is this the case?

This could be also possible if you have a producer and consumer application running on the same face. However, this should not be the case, since NFD is not supposed to forward an Interest through the face that was received.

Hope that this helps!

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> On May 20, 2016, at 12:30 AM, qhsong <ndn at sqh.me> wrote:
> Hi every,
> In my experiment, I try to send interest into another node, but it failed, I run it by following command:
> NS_LOG=nfd.Strategy:nfd.Forwarder:ndn.NetDeviceFace ./waf --run=experiment
> the send log look like this:
> 0.001s 21 nfd.Forwarder:onIncomingInterest(): [DEBUG] onIncomingInterest face=258 interest=/test0/%02/%FE%00
>  1299 0.001s 21 nfd.Forwarder:onContentStoreMiss(): [DEBUG] onContentStoreMiss interest=/test0/%02/%FE%00
>  1300 0.001s 21 nfd.Forwarder:onOutgoingInterest(): [DEBUG] onOutgoingInterest face=256 interest=/test0/%02/%FE%00
>  1301 0.001s 21 ndn.NetDeviceFace:sendInterest(0x8ef7634, 0x91b5c6c)
>  1302 0.002s 21 nfd.Forwarder:onIncomingInterest(): [DEBUG] onIncomingInterest face=258 interest=/test0/%03/%FE%00
>  1303 0.002s 21 nfd.Forwarder:onContentStoreMiss(): [DEBUG] onContentStoreMiss interest=/test0/%03/%FE%00
>  1304 0.002s 21 nfd.Forwarder:onOutgoingInterest(): [DEBUG] onOutgoingInterest face=256 interest=/test0/%03/%FE%00
>  1305 0.002s 21 ndn.NetDeviceFace:sendInterest(0x8ef7634, 0x91b62d4)
>  1306 0.003s 21 nfd.Forwarder:onIncomingInterest(): [DEBUG] onIncomingInterest face=258 interest=/test0/%04/%FE%00
>  1307 0.003s 21 nfd.Forwarder:onContentStoreMiss(): [DEBUG] onContentStoreMiss interest=/test0/%04/%FE%00
>  1308 0.003s 21 nfd.Forwarder:onOutgoingInterest(): [DEBUG] onOutgoingInterest face=256 interest=/test0/%04/%FE%00
>  1309 0.003s 21 ndn.NetDeviceFace:sendInterest(0x8ef7634, 0x91b6b24)
>  1310 0.004s 21 nfd.Forwarder:onIncomingInterest(): [DEBUG] onIncomingInterest face=258 interest=/test0/%05/%FE%00
>  1311 0.004s 21 nfd.Forwarder:onContentStoreMiss(): [DEBUG] onContentStoreMiss interest=/test0/%05/%FE%00
>  1312 0.004s 21 nfd.Forwarder:onOutgoingInterest(): [DEBUG] onOutgoingInterest face=256 interest=/test0/%05/%FE%00
>  1313 0.004s 21 ndn.NetDeviceFace:sendInterest(0x8ef7634, 0x91b73bc)
> It seems another node didn't receive the packet. Any one can give some ideas about this?
> Thanks for your help.
> Best Wish,
> Qhsong

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