[ndnSIM] Regarding ndnSIM2.0 changed behavior from ndnSIM1.0

Pratyush Agnihotri pratyushagnihotri03 at gmail.com
Thu May 12 02:38:49 PDT 2016

Dear Alex,

Good day!

I have just started learning and understanding from ndnSIM2.0. Currently, I
am modifying ndnSIM1.0 example to ndnSIM2.0. I am facing problems while
adaption due to completely changed source code of ndnSIM1.0 to ndnSIM2.0.
During adaption of code, I faced several problems and these two are major
ones because most of the implementation of example rely on them.

   - .      /ns3/ndn-cf80211-net-device-face.h:16:35: fatal error:
   ns3/ndn-header-helper.h: No such file or directory
   -       ./ns3/ndn-fw-cf80211.h:7:41: fatal error:
   ns3/ndn-forwarding-strategy.h: No such file or directory.

       The main problem is - these header files don't exist in ndnSIM2.0. I
looked in release document of ndnSIM2.0 to find out if anything mentioned
about replacement of these files with their alternative ones.
Unfortunately, I didn't find anything. In ndnSIM documentation, I found an
example for implementing custom forwarding strategy.  Strategy.h is
implemented in example but it doesn't contains methods which are defined in

Can you please suggest me where I can find the description
of deprecated methods from ndnSIM1.0 to ndnSIM2.0 as well as the methods
are used in place of deprecated ones.

It would be really helpful if you can suggest me for the same.

Kind Regards,
Pratyush Agnihotri
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