[ndnSIM] To use AddPacketTag in Producer.cpp

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Mon Jul 11 00:09:06 PDT 2016


I am trying to add tag to the data packet like fw-hop-count tag.
So I modified EXPTag.hpp and .cpp like fw-hop-count-tag .hpp and cpp. And I
wnat to ADD this when the producer provide the data.
Therefore I do it as follow.
I am currently using ndnSIM 2.0.

if (data!=0)
 EXPTag exptag;
NS_LOG_INFO ("Infomation "<< exp<< " : send to data > "<< data->getName());
exptag.Set (exp);
data->GetPayload()->AddPacketTag (exptag);

The error is that data have no member name "GetPayload ( ) " .

And I also check the data.h file and I don't see GetPayload function.

Please kindly let me get your guidance how can I used  AddPacketTag in
producer.cpp in ndnSIM 2.0.

With Best Regards.
Theint Theint Myo
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