[ndnSIM] Find corresponding CS entry for the given data packet

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forwarder.cpp:there are two functions,
void find(const Interest& interest, const HitCallback& hitCallback, const MissCallback& missCallback) const ;
shared_ptr<Data> Lookup(shared_ptr<const Interest> interest);
What's the difference between them?

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Hi Qinchao


I understand your question as: given a ContentStore and a Data packet, determine whether the same Data packet already exists in the ContentStore.

This can be achieved as:



isDataInContentStore(const ndn::Data& data, const nfd::cs::Cs& cs,

                     std::function<void(bool)> cb)


  ndn::Name fullName = data.getFullName();

  ndn::Interest interest(fullName);


          bind([cb] { cb(true); }),

          bind([cb] { cb(false); }));



First we create an Interest that would match the specified Data packet if it exists in the CS; the Interest would not match any other Data packet because it contains the implicit digest. The CS is then queried with the Interest, and the result is returned asynchronously.


Yours, Junxiao


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hello ,i am doing some simulations about NDN . I have a problem. i want to know whether there are some contents in cs can match the given data packet when a node receive a data packet, how can i do ?



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