[ndnSIM] Download ndnSIM 1.0

Bouabid Marwan bouabidmarwan at gmail.com
Sat Jan 9 01:41:07 PST 2016

I want to download an older version of ndnSIM 1.0 but when following the steps.

git clone -b ndnSIM-v1 git://github.com/cawka/ns-3-dev-ndnSIM ns-3
git clone git://github.com/cawka/pybindgen.git pybindgen
git clone -b master-v1 git://github.com:named-data/ndnSIM.git ns-3/src/ndnSIM

The third step generates the following error:
fatal: unable to connect to github.com:
github.com: Servname not supported for ai_socktype

 how can I download the  ndnSIM 1.0?


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