[ndnSIM] Exception while creating face (converting face-uri to canonical form)

Anil Jangam anilj.mailing at gmail.com
Fri Jan 1 01:20:38 PST 2016


Perhaps a basic question. But an exception is observed while running ndnSIM
scenario. It is trying to convert a *face-uri* to a canonical form. When
tested my application in real setup, I used IP addresses instead of a face
URI. How does ndnSIM behave in this case? Do we have to use the IP address

Below is the exact configuration my application using. There could be error
in the configuration as well and looking for suggestions to fix this

 71   neighbor
 72   {
 73     name /ndn/edu/memphis/%C1.Router/cs/castor  ; name prefix of the
neighbor router consists
 74                                                 ; of network, site-name
and router-name
 76     face-uri  udp://castor.cs.memphis.edu       ; face uri of the face
connected to the neighbor
 77     link-cost 25                                ; cost of the
connecting link to neighbor
 78   }

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