[ndnSIM] How to debug interest processing on qtcreator

Alex Afanasyev aa at CS.UCLA.EDU
Sun Dec 18 14:17:42 PST 2016

What you describing is not really achievable, at least not in the way that will be straightforward.  NS-3 is discrete event simulator, where many events are "scheduled" to be executed.  The process of sending interest involves multiple events, each of them starting with the simulator's event queue.   You can probably debug trace all of these events, but I doubt it would be much useful.


> On Nov 24, 2016, at 12:32 AM, 任沛 <renpei.bupt at qq.com> wrote:
> Hello,
>         I have some question for debug interest processing on qtcreator, how can i monitor this processing by debug. i.e. i wonder how an interest send from comsumer and than through a node and loop up it's cs, than loop up it's pit, eventually loop up fib for suitable face to send it and when producer received the interest, how it process the interest and generate the data match the interest and send it out to the incoming face, what comsumer will do after receive the data?
> Thankyou very much for you help!
> renpei

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