[ndnSIM] example custom caching error

jennifer kulnu jenniferkulnu at gmail.com
Wed Dec 14 01:16:38 PST 2016

Hi All,

So, Im quite new to ndnsim and have been trying out the example custom
caching policy as given in the demo ppt.

So far I have

- placed the policy traits, example_policy.h into scenario/extensions/

- placed the content store implementation of the policy
cs-with-example-policy.cc(code exactly as given in the ppt) in the same
folder, ie, scenario/extensions/ folder

- have added the following lines into

template class ContentStoreImpl<example_policy_traits>

- and finally in my simulation scenario, i refer to this policy using


But when I run this scenario, it just throws up a bunch of errors.
Am I missing some steps?,Where could I have gone wrong?

Sorry if my problem is too obvious, I'am a beginner here.

Thank you!
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